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I launched a course. I made mistakes. Let's talk about it.

Published 3 months ago • 3 min read

This week was a wet and wild ride between torrential rain, flooding, and leaks in the roof. I'm still here with good stuff, though, and I'm looking for recommendations on all-weather boots.

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Splitting the responsibilities

This week was the launch of Choose Your Words, our live course about writing and publishing for people who are afraid to write and publish.

The event went pretty well, despite some technical glitches and a fair amount of anxiety about presenting live to a group filled with mostly relative strangers and my mom (true story).

I posted on Threads about the lessons I learned, and using an example I shared with the course participants, I expanded that info into deeper thoughts: Lessons learned (so far) from running my first live course.

If you click that link, you'll notice it doesn't take you to The Hungry website. Instead, it leads to the new home of the Dave Conrey Art & Design blog and newsletter.

Why I'm splitting my attention between these two platforms

  1. I want to share my journey as an artist, writer, and content creator to allow people to see behind the curtain.
  2. While The Hungry is my first love, it's not the place to talk about my work (except in moments like this).
  3. I stand on my soapbox and tell artists and other creatives that they should write a newsletter. This latest version of my blog and newsletter is me practicing what I preach and showing how I build and grow the newsletter, which will be a big part of what I share there.

I originally intended to use Substack for this, but you know how I feel about that platform. Instead, I'm using Beehiiv, similar to Substack but not the same. Many people have asked me about Beehiiv, and I haven't been able to tell them much about it, and that will also be a topic I address more in the future.

You can subscribe to that ​​newsletter​​ if you want, but I won't promote it too much here. In the name of science, I want the growth there to be as organic as possible.

Smarter Faster

Are you looking for more creative goodness in your inbox? Have a look at Lisa Lammi and The Artpreneur. Lisa shares her journey as an artist and the lessons she learned and shared with other creative people.

More things that aren't that interesting

Episode 2 of the podcast dropped, and this time, we talked about running a course, finding a business model, and how the weather might be the death of us both.

Art Snacks: Goga Tandashvili

I know almost nothing about Goga and his work, but I am in awe of it and want you to be in awe of it, too. Go to the Instagram, watch the Reels, and thank me later.

Biz Bites

Art Bites


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